Dare Design – studio

Sofa 2.0

This sofa was created to be a safe and comfortable space for children to discover their personalities and creativity. It is a safe environment to interact with others and build the emotional bond.

Sofa size:                                  Height: 60 cm                             Seating height: 20 cm
Width: 160 cm
Depth: 54 cm

Table:                                            Height: 25 cm                           Diameter: 20 cm

Color options:  


Table with mirror

The wooden cylinder, which fits perfectly in the middle of the couch, can be used as a small table. 

What is more, the mirror is a great element for children to connect their facial expression with their emotions. They can learn about themselves and other through the reflection.

*table includes also a wooden cover of a mirror to allow kids to have an extra space to play or draw


This couch is made from one piece (due to safety of kids) and covered with a beautiful dark blue velvet. The material choice was based on the emotional and tactile experience.

The legs of the sofa and the table are made from high-quality walnut wood which adds a warm touch to the objects.

For more information about the product such as: customization, prices or to order the product, contact us by e-mail: info@daredesign-studio.com