Dare Design – studio

Dutch Design Week’19

“What a time to be alive!” and “If not now then when”, those were two themes of DDW at Temporary Art Center in Eindhoven. The first big fair like that for Dare Design Studio, and it couldn’t be a better experience. Those 9 days were an inspiration and a motivation to continue the hard work, to believe that design can intrigue us to think about topics we did not think before. The opportunity to meet and have conversations with visitors, to see how people experience and try out the “Dare to Feel” collection was truly amazing. The only thing I can say is that the biggest reward for a designer is to see that the objects he/she created are used by their purpose.

Pictures by the curtesy of Temporary Art Center 



The fragrances designed with Attic Lab Perfume were a hit! The visitors were intrigued  by them and surprised what kind of memories the aromas brought back to them.


The visitors happily used the sofa and the lamp to have a conversation, to relax or, especially the youngest visitors, to play around.

The record

And we broke the record, twice! On the second day of DDW, there were 8 people sitting on the sofa but on the next day, the group of 9 beat it.