Dare Design – studio

Aroma 2.0

Together with Attic Lab Perfume, we have created two aromas which build the intimate atmosphere and stimulates the imagination. The aroma which can bring intimate memories back or create completely new ones. 

How to use it: spray the perfume on the ceramic ring and place it on the lightbulb. With the increasing temperature of the lightbulb, the fragrance will be released.

Ceramic ring:                                    Outside diameter: 6,5 cm                                   



Vanilla dream: A composition of heliotrope, vanilla and clean musks, the caress of tenderness and safety – a soft cashmere blanket to drift away in. A fragrance to soothe and comfort. 

Lavender field: Walking through fields of lavender just after rainfall – the fertile soil, green stems and purple flowers mix to form a grounding scent to calm and cleanse. 


Aroma set

In the box you can find the perfume bottle of your choice together with the ceramic ring.

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